We are happy to present this new loafer line from Nigerian brand, Hunter&co. Nigerian brands have been stepping up with products that can compete internationally, and we are particularly proud of this. We interviewed creative director Dele Akintola about the line. See the interview below.

What is Hunter&co about?

My vision for Hunter&co is simple and concise: to be a shoe brand that can be sold in any shoe store globally. It’s for this very reason that we outsource production to our Italian manufacturers using the very best materials and cutting edge technology in production to ensure comfort and durability. Our message to our target market is that we will be here with you every step of the way literally LOL!

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What inspired you to start the Hunter&co loafer line?

What inspired me to start Hunter&Co? Well, I like shoes and I wanted a shoe that was built for Nigeria. But we had to modify our (design) thrice to ensure its durability and comfort. Besides, Hunter&co is not a loafers brand. We started with loafers because we guys can pair loafers with almost everything from trads to shorts and everything in between. We are going to introduce a wide range of products over time. Just know every time you purchase any Hunter&co shoe, you are buying a shoe that was designed for you.

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What is your interpretation of the market for indigenous shoe fashion lines in Nigeria?

I believe there’s a market for indigenous shoe brands because so far we have done good, but we can do better. And to be absolutely honest, we do not present and package Hunter&co as an indigenous shoe brand because we have eyes for the international community.

But the buyers that eventually find out Hunter&co is an indigenous brand usually call to commend us because of our international standards. Yes there are competitors, but I personally believe there’s a market for everyone so we have no worries.

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What are you most excited about for Hunter&co?

What am I most excited about Hunter&co? Basically it’s the opportunity to grow and the positive feedback. The feedback has been amazing. Sometimes I see the comments on the social media pages of some of our retail partners and it feels good to know people want what you designed. It’s a pretty cool feeling; makes my day every time.

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You can purchase from | Jumia Nigeria, Shop: Bandit, Konga Nigeria, or Traclist.com. Also, purchase at Shoprite and Citrus Lifestyle store shop c13 adeniran ogunsanya surulere in Lagos.

Twitter @TheBanditCo | Email: banditurbanclothing@gmail.com

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