house girl

We are always pleased to see what Africans are doing the world over! House Girl is a short film project which Kobi Adom has created as his graduation film for London Film School. Kobi was inspired by real life stories of abuse of house maids in his native Ghana. This inspired him to do more research, and to create awareness through the film.


House Girl is a coming-of-age story about Jennifer, a young British girl of Ghanaian descent who goes on holiday to Accra, Ghana for the first time.

While staying with her wealthy Aunty Barbara in Accra, Jennifer meets Efua, a very young domestic maid who Aunty Barbara is abusing physically and emotionally. Jennifer struggles to suppress her feelings towards this but she is forced to by the cultural values of her heritage. Jennifer eventually can’t watch the abuse anymore and makes a brave attempt to rescue Efua from her abusive situation.

The story is told through Jennifer’s point of view to allow the audience to learn about Ghanaian and West African culture as Jennifer does.

Kickstarter Campaign

Kobi already has a competent team to work with. But the ‘House Girl’ team need to raise a minimum of £10,000 to make this project happen and are doing so through crowd funding on Kickstarter. The funds will be used for equipment, airfare/ visas/ medication for travel to Ghana, accommodation & food in Accra, paying expenses to the Ghanaian cast & crew, transportation in Accra, post production, premiere and many more.

Please contribute to the project by visiting their Kickstarter page.

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