Hello people!

Since the inception of the blog, Muse Origins has been dedicated to showcasing African creativity; showing the global arena that Africa is more than what is shown in the news, that Africans everywhere are looking into themselves, growing their talents, and creating through art, design, photography, fashion, film, etc.

It’s been an enjoyable journey, and due to its notable impact, we’ve decided to take our mission of showcasing this creativity further by bringing you a marketplace!

The main objective of this marketplace is to connect Africans who create works of art and craft, with people around the globe who are looking to connect/re-connect with Africa through art. This is important to us for two reasons:

1. to help African artisans who create beautiful products to easily showcase their work to a larger group of people; and

2. help people who love African culture to have a platform where they can find beautiful objects that will allow them to express this love.

We hope you will join us as we embark on this journey. We are certain this is the beginning of something exciting in the African creative space.

We are starting with Nigerian artisans as our target Sellers and providing them with unique individual shops. They will provide products under three main categories: artwork; fashion accessories; and interiors. Buyers can visit these stores, or search for products, make purchases securely, and be assured of timely and secure delivery of your artefacts.

For now, we will be shipping to Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

To learn more about the process of Selling or buying artifacts on Muse Origins Marketplace, please subscribe on! This will keep you informed on our launch date, as well as news on good deals.



We are happy to announce discounts for the first 30 Sellers and 30 Buyers on the Marketplace:

First 30 Sellers: 50% discount on transaction fee!
First 30 Buyers (people who make purchases): 30% discount on total purchase of ANY product!

Let us know via any means below, if you are interested in joining our community, whether as a Seller or Buyer. Happy to have you all on-board!

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