We have always felt that art is a powerful tool to influence change, in large part because it is emotional. This documentary, 100% Dakar – More Than Art, depicts just that.

The documentary was directed and produced by Sandra Krampelhuber, who had visited Dakar, Senegal, several times, and interacted with various artists. From these interactions, she was inspired to produce this documentary. The documentary portrays several young Senegalese creatives who consider themselves agents of change through their creative works. It features several dancers, musicians, artists, photographers, creativity bloggers and fashion designers.


These young entrepreneurs talk about their work, what they stand for, and their belief in Africans and Africa’s potential. Even watching the 2.17 minutes trailer, you can clearly see how much these creatives love Africa and believe in their work and in change.

The documentary has been screened in several movie festivals around the world, and has been well received. For good reason. See the trailer below.

Documentary Film
Austria/Senegal 2014
62 min. / 16:9
Original Language: French
Subtitles: English, German

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