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Technology is taking up a more central role in every aspect of our lives. In Nigeria, this has manifested particularly well in the area of mobile devices, and the mobile applications that accompany them. The possibilities for real-life impacts of these applications are endless, especially when we have local content providers and developers of these applications.

This is why we are especially proud to present this Yoruba101 Legend Edition mobile app by Genii Games, promoted under their Asa brand. This interactive app simply makes education fun! It uses beautiful illustrations and interactive games to teach kids the Yoruba language and culture. Imagine using this in Nigerian schools to teach the Nigerian languages courses – students would be happy and eager to learn!

The press release for the Yoruba101 app (it’s second version) is below:

Yoruba101 version 2.0 for iOS and Android is a good starter to the Yoruba language and Culture for kids. The updated version comes with the tagline “Legend Edition”. In Yoruba101 2.0, the user is on a quest to become a Legend by unlocking famed Yoruba Legends such as Sango, Oduduwa, Moremi and a dozen more. Unlocking Legends require the user to finish each game with excellent results. Each Game has a complementary Lesson and vice-versa. A user learns from over a dozen topics then completes the matching Game to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the lesson learnt. As a reward for excellently finishing each game, he unlocks an animated Legend along with useful information to fill up his gallery. Upon excellent completion of all Games and successfully unlocking all Legends, the user is crowned a Yoruba101 Legend!

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Yoruba101 2.0 was driven by feedback received from users for the previous version. Specifically, some parents informed us that their kids weren’t keen on learning the lessons the way we’d presented them. Other feedback included addition of more topics taken through a survey last year. The need to create a more engaging experience and incentive for learning was taken into consideration in its redesign.

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Other new and exciting features of Yoruba101 2.0 include the following: Over a dozen Games and Lessons; Multiple Reading Modes (auto-play for continuous play or otherwise); Rhymes for learning some topics; Performance indicators to track progress for each game; Share functionalities for unlocked Legends.

Existing users of the app need only update it on the App stores.

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Yoruba101 comes under Genii Games’ Asa (meaning Culture in Yoruba) brand of African Culture teaching apps primarily targeted at kids. It is currently available worldwide on the Apple Store and Google Play for download. For more information on the app including videos, screenshots, download links, visit Genii Games.

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Genii Games also has several apps and web videos that teach children Nigerian culture using stories and games. You should check them out here. We’ll leave you with a trailer of the app:

Asa by Genii Games ~ Yoruba101: Legend Edition

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