Describe your style: I’d describe my style as simple and crisp. I like sharp lines, structured clothes and red lipstick. I prefer to look sharp and effortless.



What piece in your closet can you not do without? A black dress. I just recently started experimenting with colours, but prior to that I really love my black & whites, with the former in lead. When in doubt, I simply put on a black dress, pop some accessories and I’m good to go! Always a life saver.



Which trend will you never be caught in? Tough one, let me see…………probably the knee length palazzo pants. It’s called ‘Gaucho’. I don’t get it. 



Where do you normally shop? I shop everywhere, as long as its budget friendly and of good quality. But my favourite high street brands are Zara and River island. They get my style. However I’m a huge online shopper so ASOS & Boohoo as well.



What factor most influences your style? Convenience and fit. I’m usually the type not to try new ‘trends’. I stick to outfit choices that I’m certain suit me and innovate from there. I tend to shop for clothes that I won’t need to pull at the hem/ have to make extra effort to make them work. Hence I buy clothes that I can walk, run if need be, and be confident while at it.



Who is your style muse? Hands down it has to be Soraya of style is my thing blog. Then Stella of J’adore fashion. Those two ladies have great style without showing much. Everything looks elegant and tasteful.



Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? Not sure how to answer this, because I don’t necessarily go out of my way to ‘get inspiration’. But I follow a lot of creatives on social networks (fashion/photography/media personnel) so I’m certain they have one way influenced my style options.



What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe fashionista’? Know what suits your body type and ensure it fits your budget.



Visit Africanism Cosmopolitan for more of Tosin’s style. She also has some awesome videos about makeup, hair, and natural hair care.

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