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Describe your style: Eccentric; Eclectic; Electric; Colorful; Unique; Bold

What piece in your closet can you not do without? I don’t have a favourite piece of clothing; from my point of view, all of my clothes are equally precious because they have a different story and I only buy them when I get a big crush

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Which trend will you never be caught in? Runnings & Jordan

Where do you normally shop? My favourite places to shop are the vintage markets. What fascinates me about vintage clothes is that they are unique, they have a story, and that they make me travel back in time

LPG NORBERT HOUSE 5 copie_jpg_effected-001

What factor most influences your style? My African Roots… I think it’s probably because I ‘m obsessed with colors and prints; I see life in colors haha!


Who is your style muse? I do not really have a Style Muse, I’d rather just be me and not be influenced by an icon. I wouldn’t want to be copying someone.


Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? I read many magazines, but not only; especially books on the history of civilizations and peoples. When I put pieces together to make an outfit I’m also mixing cultures, civilizations and travels through history.

Other inspirations include music (I am also a huge fan of the pop art movement), nature, my environment, people who I meet, my friends, family, I listen to a lot of disco, discover historical characters, watch photo albums of my parents, create characters, and play characters.


What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe fashionista’? The advice that I would share: be yourself, never be afraid of people’s looks; dare and play – fashion is a play ground


Louis Philippe de Gagoue, Ivorian stylist, personal shopper and fashion blogger, shares his colourful, eclectic and creative style on his blog here

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