Quite a while ago, AfroElle Mag, the lovely femme magazine, approached me to write a post on the brands I was looking forward to this year. We’re almost half into 2013, and these brands haven’t disappointed me yet. See my list below, but to sure to get AfroElle Mag to take a look at other people’s list.


Musician, Fatoumata Diawar: She’s the beautiful musician with a story to tell and with such a soothing voice. I discovered her quite by accident on the net, and boy am I glad I clicked ‘Play’. I look forward to listening to new albums from her.


Designer, Jewel by Lisa: The brand, Jewel by Lisa has undoubtedly established a name for itself in the African fashion industry as a whole. They have a unique fabric design and come up with such different and beautiful pieces for each collection. I’m always left wanting more.


Leatherworks, Kushn: I love the way that Kushn mixes leather and the Ghanian Kente fabric to create beautiful leather works. Leather has always been known as classy, but Kushn adds that unique style to it with beautifu touches of an African fabric (which is not Ankara as usual). I would love to see how they play it up this year.


Designer, Maki Oh: I have always had a ‘thing’ for Maki Oh collections. The simplicity and minimalist art that each piece showcases always leaves me pleased, and eager to see more. Sometimes I wonder how they don’t run out of creative designs. I definitely want to see more of the brand this year.


Photographer, Mambu Bayoh: Photographer, Mambo Bayoh, was one of the reasons I started Muse Origins. His love of the Black African Woman leaves me with a warm feeling in my belly. He captures them both on set and in their daily urban life. And he captures them perfectly, in celebration of their black skin.


Illustrators, OurOwnArea: Unfortunately, it’s mostly Nigerians that understand the twisted hilarity of cartoonists, OurOwnArea. They take random everyday life and culture in Nigeria and make hilarious jokes about them. It’s always fun to watch their cartoons.


Designer, Ozwald Boateng:  With all the press and success that designer, Ozwald Boateng has enjoyed this past year, it’s no wonder I’m looking forward to new works from him. It’s always interesting seeing his work, especially his womenswear, and I can’t wait.


Stylists, Street Etiquette: Street Etiquette is made up of two extraordinary male style bloggers. It’s not every time that male style blogger get it right, but these two have made a name for themselves, and are definitely role models for their look – the stylish young gentleman that mixes up that urban look with that ‘70’s look. I always look forward to what they’re coming up with next.


Photographer, Glenford Nunez: Nunez started The Coiffure Project last year to celebrate the natural kinky African hair. It caused quite a wave amongst bloggers, and for good reason. I’m looking forward to more images on the project, and will be checking up regularly for updates.


Designer, Virgos lounge: Virgos Lounge has gotten very popular among young women that want to add that classy elegance of days past in their wardrobes. I have loved each and every piece from each and every Virgos Lounge collection. And I still want more.

Go over to AfroElle Mag please to see the original posting. It’s a good good read.

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