Describe your style Well as you can see on all of my pictures, I try to [take inspiration] from different styles. My personal style [is] I just follow my day’s mood and see what will suit me best. I always get inspired from street style, and also do research for myself to make my style better day by day.



What piece in your closet can you not do without? The shoes. They can say a lot about the person.



Which trend will you never be caught in? I hate ballet shoes! I don’t like the waves of fashion that everybody adopts.



Where do you normally shop? Thrift stores



What factor most influences your style? Most of the time I’ll get inspired from a movie, photography I see taken back in the 60’s…



Who is your style muse? No, no one in general. It’s more different pieces or an attitude.



Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? One of my inspirations is Art. I love to paint; I am a big fan of life paintings, portraits, composition, color and design. I also like to read. I love reading fiction [because] you just imagine things that you never had and they make you think and give you more ideas, crazy ones too. Listening to music is the other thing I adore, I know it’s everyone’s favorite thing to do. Well it’s mine too. As they say, music is real. Overall, my biggest inspiration is my mother for she has taught me so many lessons in life. I look up to her hard work and dedication in achieving long life goals. She always tells me “be the best that you can be.”



What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe Fashionista’? Never be afraid of what you’re wearing – just try to be as comfortable as possible with your body and shape.



See his lovely artistic blog Ostentation and Style

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