Describe your style: It’s hard to say what my style is because it changes so much. But if I had to label it I would say it ranges from casual/edgy/trendy to lady-like chic. I love to take trends and put my spin on it to make it a little edgy and usually incorporate at least one trend per season into my wardrobe. I’ve also been on a mission to mix prints more.

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What piece in your closet can you not do without? My cardigans/ kimonos. I think they are so versatile and classic in any season. I wear them to work to add a color, for a preppy look and at times for modest coverage. I love the long patterned flowing ones that are on trend now – you can just throw one over a maxi dress or a tank and shorts. My other must haves are an LBD, black blazer, leather jacket, skinny jeans and neutral pumps.



Which trend will you never be caught in? Creepers! I already have flat feet I don’t need anything accentuating that!



Where do you normally shop? I shop online mostly for convenience. Currently, I’m digging Asos because of their huge selection of just about everything you can imagine! Also loving: Urbanog, Boohoo and 2020 Ave for their cute affordable pieces on trend. Some retail stores I pop into during my free time are Zara, H&M, Dillards, DSW and Nordstom Rack.



What factor most influences your style? Fit. It’s so important to know what compliments your body and stick with it. Not all styles are meant for your shape.



Who is your style muse? Rihanna, I love her edge and willingness to try different looks and trends. She owns every look with an I-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude.



Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? TV shows, fashion & gossip blogs, style magazines and really just from my closet, a couple times a year I will dump everything out of drawers, dig through the back of my closets and re-discover clothes I forgot about to re-create the inspired looks.



What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe fashionista’? Don’t try to break the bank to keep up with what you see on other fashion blogs/magazines/TV. There are some classic pieces that you should invest in but ONLY if u can afford the “classic” price. There’s nothing wrong with getting the cheaper version of what you love until you are able to get the real deal, that way you can give it a test run to see if that style is really worth the investment. Remember, there will ALWAYS be a cheaper version of what you love out there; you just have to be patient and have fun with the hunt!



See her beautiful style blog here. Believe it or not, she juggles her blog and work with being a wife and mother of two. Yes, mother of two.

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