Describe your style: My style is a little bit lazy. I’m laid back but chic with it.

What piece in your closet can you not do without? Right now I’d say my fur jacket.

Which trend will you never be caught in? The all studded everything trend and that’s no offence to anyone doing it, I just prefer things to be simpler.

Where do you normally shop? I’m not a shop snob, I shop wherever the price is right! A bit obsessed with right now I like their shoes.

What factors most influences your style? Comfort and practicality. I’m a really on the go kind of person so I can’t wear heels all the time because I pretty much spring everywhere I go-even if the place is 10minutes away and I have an hour to get there.

 Who is your style muse? Christine Centenera, I love how relaxed and comfortable she always looks in super luxe pieces. I’m also quite in love with leather right now and she wears it so well.

 Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? From random places, sometimes it just starts with me wanting to wear a particular piece of jewellery and building a look up from there.

 What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe fashionista’? Be comfortable being yourself and following your own aesthetic. Life is too short to be walking around looking like a budget version of someone else. 

Visit her lovely blog here. You’ll also find some interesting DIY projects.

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