Describe your style: Colorful, refined and feminine. I am very open minded and will try any style, well at least one time.

What piece in your closet can you not do without?  Hmmmh…Only one? That’s a tough call. It’s a tossup between my favorite Helmut Lang blazer and Camilla Skovgaard sandals (both of which I don’t wear very often for fear of something happening to them. Crazy? uh huh.)

Which trend will you never be caught in? Harem pants and jelly shoes. Harem pants are just plain unflattering on me and let me tell you I have tried to make it work. But alas! Jelly shoes I just don’t get.

Where do you normally shop? I am a born bargain hunter. It’s not so much where I shop but how much I pay for it. No matter how much I want it, I simply refuse to pay full price for any fashion item. I am not loyal to any one store per se because I am always searching for the best deal. My favorite was Daffy’s which sadly has gone out of business.

What factor most influences your style? Honestly anything goes. From the weather, to runways to fellow bloggers, my mood and even my fiancé. That’s the beauty of fashion, there is no box.

Who is your style muse? Florence Welch (perfection on boy meets girl style), Solange Knowles (unequalled when it comes to prints), Olivia Palermo (always so cohesive) and Miroslava Duma (girl can pull off trends)

Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? Reading a lot of blogs and fashion magazines, exploring trends just by observing my favorite designers and simply wearing what I like.

What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe fashionista’? There is no such thing as wannabe. All of us dress each day so whether we acknowledge it or not, we are “fashionistas” in one way or the other. It’s just a question of who embraces and celebrates it and who doesn’t. Be you, it’s the only way to be beautiful.

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