Describe your style: Incredibly bold and hard to explain. I don’t have a particular style. I’m pretty much a chameleon.

What piece in your closet can you not do without? My 80s Wilson leather jacket

Which trend will you never be caught in? Uggs, those will forever and always be my number one trend I would never wear

Where do you normally shop? Thrift stores. I always get a thrill from rummaging through the clothes to find unique pieces.

What factors most influences your style? Music evokes a lot of my emotions, so I had to say that.

Who is your style muse? Probably my aunt Linda. I used to watch her get ready when I was a baby with her high waisted shorts and super huge 80s hair.

Where do you usually get your styling inspiration from? It usually just comes from me. Any and everything inspires me. Culture, architecture, seasons, pretty much anything. My mood and emotions also ultimately helps me decide.

What one style advice will you give a ‘wannabe fashionista’? Learn yourself, style and wear what you want to regardless of societies opinions. Dress according to your personality.

See more of Nadia’s beautiful and eclectic style on her blog Nadia Aboulhosn

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