The number of meals in Nigeria alone surprises me, not to talk of the whole of Africa. There are so many kinds of soup that I go cross-eyed just thinking of the ones I’ve never tried. All are made from fresh, natural vegetables, herbs and spices. All are cooked practically from scratch. It’s so difficult finding/making African meals outside of the continent cause almost everywhere else, everything is packaged and ingredients are relatively hard to find.

This is why I was excited to see this new cooking school Akhaya. They’ve got courses on Nigerian and Moroccan food, with lots more to boot. Their Taste of Africa open day is in January, and promises a fun treat. On their site, they’ve got recipes they change up and a shop where you can buy African spices. Check the site out here.

“As a continent, Africa is made up of a vast range of flavours, ingredients and influences. Our courses are a celebration of the diversity and richness of the beautiful dishes to be found, from Tagines to Tatale and Bobotie to Benachin, we love African food and want to share it with you!”

Via Beautiful Afrique

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