Three cute Instagram illustrations that celebrate Valentine’s Day

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So the 15th of February is over, but love is still in the air…at least we hope it is! Many people went crazy with their posts of gifts, cakes and flowers, many others looked over in envy, and still more were stoic about it. But whether or not you’re into Valentine’s Day like many people are, you can’t help but notice the spirit of it.

On Instagram, several illustrators got into this spirit and gave us some pretty touching and cute images to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Three of our favourites are below:

By Bennie Buatsie

Breakfast in bed with black family

Bennie Buatsie makes us swoon with this cute family breakfast in bed – showing caring and possibilities.

By Gery Assani Olohountobi

Black couple kissing

Gery Assani Olohountobi shows us that heaven is a place on earth in this steamy but regal illustration.

By Ubiomo Ogheneroh

Fat cupid

Lord Kpuri makes us wonder whether this cute chubby Cupid needs love too!

Did you see any you liked? Let us know!

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