The Monmon Series by Monica Obaga

Art + Illustration

Kenyan illustrator and graphic artist, Monica Obaga, illustrates little experiences she had as a child. Each image depicts a short recollection. Monica’s soft hues and her use of shapes gives her illustrations a distinct ‘fashion meets comic’ feel. This is so interesting because we can relate. Let us know if you can relate as well.

“Hi. I’m Monmon, born and raised in the Kenyan highlands. You’ll be seeing more of me soon, after my nap…”

“‘You look smaht!’ Dad v mom, January, School Outfitters.”

“One of my absolutely favorite things to do is to hide a top a mapera tree (the red ones) and read for hours. No one can find me there… :)”

“My mom said no to ballet lessons. One 9 year old locked oneself in one’s room and taught oneself pointe. A big toe was dislocated.”

“No better place to hide from ·Loud jets on public holidays ·Visitors.”

“That awkward moment your mom’s pick, the Decent Skirt is a fan favorite with the ‘uncles’ when you could have just gone in ye olde comfortablee jeanse and climbed a tree if necessary..”

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