The Braids Exhibition by Shani Crowe

Art + Illustration

All women love their hair. But it’s not just about beauty, it’s about a statement of how women see themselves…whether in terms of culture or a certain image we want to project. It could also be about self expression and art. But gone are the days when hair was intricate and complicated because the world has gotten so fast. But Chicago-based hair stylist, Shani Crowe, is taking us back to when hair was art.

Her ‘Braids’ exhibition in 2016 has teleported her from more than just a stylist, and into an artist who has caught the eye of celebrities like Solange. The exhibition uses hair to celebrate both femininity and African roots.

“I realized that I had let societal misgivings about my culture mar my own perspective of its validity as an art form,” Crowe reflects. “That’s why this project is important. It’s an unapologetic assertion of my pride in my braid art, my culture, and my African ancestry.” ~ Refinery 29

See the images below.

This interview of Crowe on Splinter News is pretty interesting…she also gives her perspective on white women wearing braids.


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