April 5,2018

The Monmon Series by Monica Obaga

Kenyan illustrator and graphic artist, Monica Obaga, illustrates little experiences she had as a child. Each image depicts a short recollection. Monica's soft hues and her use

April 2,2018

Onicha Ado N’ido by Rewa

We love this series by Rewa where she celebrates the naming rites and traditions of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. This is a good example of

March 31,2018

Are We Good Enough by Lakin Ogunbanwo

Nigerian photographer, Lakin Ogunbanwo, talks about identity through this images. His latest body of work is titled 'we must not be looking' and is focused on

March 30,2018

Chulaap’s New Womenswear Collection

South African brand, Chulaap, is known for it's geometric prints in its menswear pieces. Chulaap's signature is its print overload - layers and layers of prints.

March 26,2018

Intricate Lines by U_TBJ

Udegbunam TBJ is a Nigerian illustrator of graphic artist who is obsessed with coffee and whose favorite day is Friday (visit his page and you’re see

March 25,2018

Eeni the Fashionable Globetrotter

Eeni the Globetrotter is a fashionista who loves traveling! She finds herself in Beijing one day and Bali the next. Her suitcase is always packed so

March 22,2018

Ubiomo Ogheneroh’s Fun Illustrations

Nigerian illustrator, Ubiomo Ogheneroh, has such a fun vibe. His creations are colorful and exaggerated without crossing the line to caricature. You'll see a general theme

March 21,2018

Celebrities in African Traditional Attires

Dennis Owusu-Ansah is a Ghanaian illustrator who’s fun sense of humour shows through his work. Dennis favours illustrating Hollywood celebrities. He doesn’t stop there - he

March 20,2018

Storage Baskets from Connected Goods

We were excited when we came across this lovely US-based online store called Connected Goods. The store only sources unique items made by artisans, reported under

March 19,2018

Conversation: A Minimalist Kitchen with the Aga Concept

This interview was held in 2016. The Nigerian brand, àga concept, prides itself in being an ‘urban design and culture brand’. And for good reason. They have differentiated themselves