Indego Africa’s Handwoven Baskets


Hardly anyone makes you want to buy a woven basket like Indego Africa does. The baskets are handwoven and feature soft and subtle colors and designs. The overall effect is a beautiful and artistic product that can feature anywhere in your home or as part of your closet.

Indego Africa is actually a non-profit organisation. But it is refreshing to see that they are doing things differently! First, they have focused on paying rural women to handcraft their baskets. Indego creates the designs and artisan women bring those designs to life. Now get this – Indego works with groups of women to sell the baskets (a good income stream). In addition, 100% of the profits from baskets sold is put back into the community in the form of vocational and business training for women and youth in the communities where their artisans reside.

Finally, here comes a powerful NGO model which can pay for itself, and which succeeds in achieving empowerment (not handouts) and capacity building. According to Indego Africa’s 2017 annual report, they worked with 36 artisan groups, made $160,000 sales and directly impacted more than 1,100 lives. We particularly like that they publish how much they pay their artisan women – about $2.23 a day; higher than the poverty line of $1.90 as defined by the World Bank.

It’s really refreshing to buy a beautiful product from a brand and also be able to see what’s going on in their supply chain, and to see that they are making a difference. What do you think about the baskets? You like?

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