Fragile Responsibility by Congolese Artist, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga

Art + Illustration

Congolese artist, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, brings to the fore a deep and dark history of slavery with his Fragile Responsibility series. All his characters in each image are living well, in modern quarters and rich outfits. But they have another thing in common – despair. Despair from a loss of culture and heritage that was born out of slavery and modernity not arising from their own heritage. Ilunga has created their bodies to look like circuit boards, a nod to his country’s (Democratic Republic of Congo) common raw material used in mobile phones and computer chips; again, another modern innovation not borne of the Kongo Kingdom’s heritage.

“Eddy pays tribute to the slaves and ancestors who resisted this human trafficking by presenting a vision of the socio-political landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo.” ~ October Gallery

See some of the Fragile Responsibility series below. Each image is actually life size, so imagine the detail you would be able to see at a live exhibition.

Via Obatala

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