Descent by Ellsphee

Art + Illustration

All round South African artist, Sphelele Gumede a.k.a. Ellsphee, brings us this weirdly creative illustrations /52.177(Of 52.177). This series is a personal project for Ellsphee. They are his first illustrations after a one year hiatus from illustrating and he hopes that with this series he can be reminded of the reasons why he loves to create.

The ongoing series will eventually consist of 52 illustrations, but this first set of 10 images is called ‘Descent’. Ellsphee has scattered hints of things he loved as a child (e.g. his home address), and things that have resonated with him (e.g. slogans) across the illustrations. See the series below. The Sneakies Collective also have an insightful interview with him that you can check out here.

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