March 21,2018

Celebrities in African Traditional Attires

Dennis Owusu-Ansah is a Ghanaian illustrator who’s fun sense of humour shows through his work. Dennis favours illustrating Hollywood celebrities. He doesn’t stop there - he

March 18,2018

Sensuality and Vulnerability from Oluleye Ori

It’s not often you see an artist focus on celebrating men and the male form. So we were particularly excited to see Oluseye Ori’s work, and

March 17,2018

Unreal African Hair Sculptures

Ivorian hair artist, KY (a.k.a. laetitiaky on Instagram) has recently been putting people at awe of her work. We have no idea where she gets some

March 15,2018

Ben Enwonwu’s Tutu Painting Makes History

Nigerians were in awe earlier this month when Ben Enwonwu’s painting ‘Tutu’ was auctioned at £1.2m (that’s more than half a billion Naira), way more than

March 6,2018

Color and lines with Arnold Butler

Atlanta-based artist, Arnold Butler, taught himself how to create art. He says “I don’t paint pictures, I paint my prayers for the Universe to see and

March 4,2018

Cultural identity by Ojo Agi

We don't know whether to first call Ojo Agi an artist or a writer. Her website features a number of essays as well as portrait illustrations

March 1,2018

Satire and totes with Michael Soi

Kenyan artist, Michael Soi, is well recognized for his satirical art. His work is very distinctive and reminiscent of cartoons you see in papers or in

February 27,2018

Traditional and contemporary art with Annertey

Annertey describes himself as a 'Big Experimental Being', and you actually see this through his work, whether it's his illustrations, graphic art, or photography. The Ghanaian

February 16,2018

Three cute Instagram illustrations that celebrate Valentine’s Day

So the 15th of February is over, but love is still in the least we hope it is! Many people went crazy with their posts