May 17,2018

Ilda Baof’s Maasai Men

Illustrator, Ilda Baof, blesses us with this beautiful illustration of Maasai Men from Kenya. We are so pleased to see that African traditions are inspiring artists

May 12,2018

The Braids Exhibition by Shani Crowe

All women love their hair. But it's not just about beauty, it's about a statement of how women see themselves...whether in terms of culture or a

May 5,2018

2248 by Freddy Carrasco

In this series, Illustrator Freddy Carrasco imagines black people living in the year 2248 and illustrates their portraits...all 100 of them! Fred's characters are so diverse,

April 29,2018

Femininity and Sisterhood with Nicholle Kobi

Nicholle Kobi's illustrations are a joy to behold because they celebrate femininity, sisterhood, style, independence, and being black. We particularly love her images which depict the

April 20,2018

Dennis Osadebe’s Spacemen

We love Nigerian artist, Dennis Osadebe, because his work depicts afro-futurism done differently - in pop art form. His recurring space helmet speaks to a time

April 12,2018

Jeff Manning Digital Afrofuturism Art

No one makes us appreciate digital art quiet like Jeff Manning! His works literally scream futurism and fantasy. He takes particular pleasure in exploring the beauty

April 9,2018

Afrofuturistic deities by Manzel Bowman

Manzel Bowman is a genius! Your first reaction to his work is to go 'wow'. And then you spend a lot of time looking at the

April 5,2018

The Monmon Series by Monica Obaga

Kenyan illustrator and graphic artist, Monica Obaga, illustrates little experiences she had as a child. Each image depicts a short recollection. Monica's soft hues and her use

April 2,2018

Onicha Ado N’ido by Rewa

We love this series by Rewa where she celebrates the naming rites and traditions of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. This is a good example of

March 26,2018

Intricate Lines by U_TBJ

Udegbunam TBJ is a Nigerian illustrator of graphic artist who is obsessed with coffee and whose favorite day is Friday (visit his page and you’re see